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Is the Armadillo FCC approved for license free operation?

A: All our radars, including the Armadillo traffic statistics collector are fully FCC part 15 approved for license free operation. Additionally, since we also supply to the world wide market, many of our products also carry the CE mark.

The approval ID of each product is listed in the products' detail page.

Q. Do you offer Bluetooth wireless to download Statistics from the radar?

A. Yes! The Armadillo comes with a built in ultra long range (up to 1000' outdoor line of sight) Bluetooth Adapter. Additionally, we also include a Class I Bluetooth USB dongle for your PC to establish a reliable connection to the Armadillo. Finally, our Windows software can automatically search for the Armadillo on all COM ports on your computer. You never have to remember what COM port number was assigned to the Bluetooth adapter.

Q. Can your radar software be upgraded after I purchase it from you?

A. Yes. All our radars feature a "boot loader" that can accept new software via the serial port and program it in the radar without even opening the box. This gives you peace of mind that your radars can always be upgraded to any latest feature that we add.

Q. Where are your Radars designed and manufactured?

A. Our radars are designed in Houston Texas, U.S.A. We developed and own the design of the radars. The radars are themselves manufactured in Houston, Texas in an ISO 9000:2001 facility from US and European electronic components. You only deal with us in Houston and we normally ship from stock for small orders.

Q. Where all do you sell your products?

A. Our Radars are sold all over the world. We currently have customers in over 28 countries. We are the largest OEM supplier of traffic calming Doppler speed radas in North America (including Canada) and are now increasing our sales in other parts of the world. We welcome inquiries from all over the world.

Q. How long have you been in business?

A. We have been in business for over eight years (we started in 2004). We have many thousands of radars working reliably in the field over the last few years and are now ramped and are shipping at the rate of thousands of radars per year. The advanced ultra low power design of the radar is such a technological break though that when we are compared against the competition, we always come out ahead.

We legerated this low power radar expertise to develop the Armadillo traffic gathering device to make it an unmatched product for this application.