Houston Radar was started in 2004 in Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

Due to our leading low power radar technology, we have seen significant growth over last 6 years and are now supplying to 6 out of top 8 North American independent traffic calming sign manufacturers and rapidly expanding all over the world with customers in over 60 countries.

Houston Radar Building

Houston Radar’s brand new HQ building located on 2 acres in Sugar Land, TX

Principals in the company:

43+ years combined industrial product development experience.

Vipin Malik (Chairman & CEO):
  • MSEE from OSU (Stillwater, OK)
  • 18+ year industry experience designing robust & sophisticated industrial products
  • Expertise in CPU/low power/noise design, large embedded s/w systems, power fail safe file systems, Linux OS, manufacturing electronics products, IS design (EEx ia etc.)
Sergei Sharonov (President):
  • MSEE from Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology
  • Worked at the Serpuhov accelerator, Super Conducting Super Collider, Fermi lab, corporate America
  • Background in Microwave
  • 35+ year industry experience designing deeply embedded systems, low power down hole tools, optics
  • Expertise in CPU/DSP/ultra low power/analog design, large embedded systems, Linux OS, microwave design