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    There are DOT standards that require recording (and using in 85th percentile calculations) speeds of drivers that voluntary set their own speeds (as opposed to, for example, be limited by the vehicle in front going slowly, say due to congestion). Other standards also require large vehicles to be removed from the data set (as speed limits are set based on non-truck vehicles).

    To facilitate this type of data filtering on the collected data, our Windows Stats Analyzer software allows you to apply a filter to your collected data. You do not need to collect data again.

    To apply this filter, generate an “Analysis Report” by direction as usual and then select “Filter Data by Custom Settings” (see green arrows below- check box marked 1). To See the report, click over the Analysis Report tab (shown below). You can have our software calculate 85th percentile speeds on the leading vehicles of a platoon by including only “Free floating vehicles” (checkbox 2 marked below). This is the vehicle that has a large enough gap in front of it to be setting its speed by the drivers own volition. It’s your choice to use 2 seconds gap or larger- it’s usually specified in the spec or a judgement call. Usually, the result will not change much as if you have a large enough number of vehicles in the data set, there will be multiple vehicles at the same 85th percentile speed.

    You can also have the software exclude “Large” vehicles (trucks) and start and stop at certain times in the data set. Make sure to click on the “Apply” button under the filter settings and the software will recalculate the data and update the window on the left.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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