InterTraffic Award Presentation

Houston Radar CEO Vipin Malik (center) and President Sergei Sharonov (left)
receiving the Intertraffic award at a ceremony in Amsterdam

Intertraffic Amsterdam Announces SpeedLane as the Winner of the Innovation Award in the Traffic Management Category

SpeedLane Pro

AMSTERDAM, NL, April 7th 2016 – Houston Radar, an industry-leading manufacturer of innovative radar solutions for traffic monitoring, has been recognized by Intertraffic for their breakthroughs in radar technology. Houston Radar’s SpeedLane radar won the Innovation Award in the Traffic Management category.

Intertraffic is the world’s largest exhibition for the traffic infrastructure, management, safety, parking and smart mobility sectors. An international jury scrutinized 91 potential candidates from across the globe, and shortlisted 15 final entries after careful analysis and intense consideration. Awards will be presented in five categories; Houston Radar was one of three candidates nominated in the Traffic Management category. Of the five category winners, Houston Radar was chosen as the overall winner of the 2016 Intertraffic Innovation Award. The Awards were presented on April 5, 2016 during the opening ceremony of Intertraffic Amsterdam 2016.

“We’re honored to be nominated for this award,” said Houston Radar Co-Founder and CEO Vipin Malik. “We designed the SpeedLane with the user in mind. It’s a turnkey solution with easy installation that allows for low-cost, rapid deployment. We’re excited to share this revolutionary product with the international community.”

Houston Radar’s SpeedLane comes with access to Houston Radar’s Tetryon cloud server for a fully integrated, ultra-low power, end-to-end traffic data collection and visualization solution. The SpeedLane is a non-intrusive, state-of-the-art, true dual beam side-fire radar. It is designed to accurately detect lane, speed and class of individual vehicles and compute per lane volume, occupancy, gap, average speed, 85th percentile and headway parameters. It mounts easily on a pole and can be used for both temporary and permanent installations.

The SpeedLane features two side-fire radars, an HD video camera, penta band worldwide modem, GPS locator, MPPT solar charger, advanced lithium iron phosphate battery and three months of traffic storage in a built-in database. This innovative solution is made possible by Houston Radar’s breakthrough 0.8W power consumption, which is 10 times lower than the leading competitor.

The radar communicates with the Tetryon server to provide real-time, minute-by-minute traffic updates through video and live charts. Delivering live traffic information to the public is now affordable and feasible, even for small cities and communities in developing countries. It’s no longer the exclusive domain of large metropolitan cities.

Houston Radar

Houston Radar is a leading manufacturer of Doppler and FMCW radars. It is based in Houston, Texas and engineers OEM and end-user radars that measure and track car speed, distance, count and classification for the intelligent transportation systems industry. Its best-in-class devices help manage traffic. Houston Radar’s expertise is in developing ultra-low power radars that are unmatched in quality, features and performance.


Intertraffic is the world’s largest and most influential trade event for infrastructure, traffic management, safety, parking and smart mobility. It provides a comprehensive overview of the very latest products, services and solutions offered by suppliers. It also showcases the latest trends and developments. Intertraffic is intended for policymakers, specialists and operational personnel from government authorities, engineering consultancies, and the industry at large.

Stephanie Hilton
Sales and Marketing Manager, Houston Radar

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