StatsAnalyzer/Configuration Software
StatsAnalyzer/Configuration Software

Houston Radar’s Advanced In-Radar traffic statistics is a unique best in class traffic statistics gathering and storage option available in all DR series radars, the SS400 ultra low power radar and the PNL10 speed display kit.

The advanced design of the statistics package allows it to track multiple targets simultaneously a capability not possible in competing stats packages implemented outside the radar.

Detailed drill down interactive graphical analysis is also available.

Advanced In-Radar Statistics features

  • Tracking and storage inside the radar for up to 60+ days of traffic
  • Excellent collection accuracy for 1 and 2 lane incoming traffic
  • User selectable 1 minute to 60 minute binning and storage intervals
  • Live histogram feature to monitor “live” traffic from the radar for remote monitoring applications
  • Stats collection possible from either radar COM port

Windows Statistics Analyzer Software features

  • MS Windows® 7/8/10 based professional quality software
  • Connect to radar and retrieve data or read from file
  • Store and organize data in individual projects
  • Generate weekly views of hourly counts and average speeds
  • Generate average monthly views by weekday hour of counts and speeds
  • Generate detailed hourly counts, average speed, max speed and 85th percentile reports
  • Generate interactive raw data scatter graphs of speed vs. time, counts vs. time
  • Join and trim data sets to manage data effectively

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Advanced In-Radar Traffic Statistics

Can be added on to the OEM Stats Analyzer Program for Statistics