Houston Radar’s Tetryon Cloud Server is a customizable cloud server used to aggregate data from multiple SpeedLane® Pros in one central location.

It is designed to seamlessly interface with our SpeedLane® Pro side-fire radars and Armadillo® Trackers to allow customers to bring their traffic data to the cloud. Supplied as a Debian installer for Ubuntu Linux server, it may be installed in the cloud or on a physical server in the data center. No license fees are required and the customer can retain their data on their hardware.

An intuitive dashboard view allows the monitoring of average speeds of multiple locations with quick drill down into detailed live charts. Advanced alerts may be configured with simple logic of different parameters.

Allowing multi-user access and browser based user interface, this intuitive product simplifies data analysis and visualization.

Tetryon Cloud Server
Tetryon Cloud Server

Tetryon Cloud Server Features

  • Aggregates data into a common SQL database
  • Runs under Linux OS in the cloud or a local server
  • Comprehensive, web-based interactive graphing and reporting of live and historical data
  • Able to recover up to three months’ collected data from radar’s internal memory in the event of communication outage
  • Maps radar locations using embedded GPS coordinates
  • Able to automatically capture stills from device’s built-in camera
  • Allows user to create alerts that provide visual or email notifications of traffic conditions
  • Provides camera snapshot of traffic conditions with email alerts
  • Alerts users of communication outage via visual or email notifications
  • Provides ability to automatically schedule radar firmware upgrade via server on next connect
  • Dashboard summary view provides simple, one-page layout of the live updated speed and status of multiple radars
  • Map view provides live updated speed and status of multiple radars on Google satellite maps
  • Simultaneous access by multiple users via the most popular browsers, including Chrome and Edge
  • Allows multilevel user account security
  • Allows radars to be grouped into separate accounts
  • Customer has ability to host software on private server
  • Data may be downloaded in an Excel format
  • Mobile-friendly website interface
  • Source code available*

*Conditions apply


Linux based cloud server

Operating System

Linux Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit


AMD or Intel x86 64 bit


4 GB or larger

Disk Space

2 GB/year/radar

Software Packages