Our ultra-low power full-featured Doppler radars are specifically designed for traffic calming and monitoring applications. Many competing products are retrofitted from regular police radars and as such are optimized for a different market. We have designed our products from scratch with your requirements in mind.

  • Ultra-low power for solar-powered applications. In many cases, our customers were able to double battery life by just replacing the old radar in a legacy design with one of our models.
  • Highly integrated and compact DSP based design. One of our customers was able to dramatically reduce his product’s dimensions and weight due in part to the small size and low power consumption of our radars and thus established a new market segment.
  • We offer a wide range of products covering the needs of various applications.


Innovation is a key focus of our strategy. From the world’s smallest and lowest power Doppler radar to unique traffic analysis software Houston Radar keeps establishing new benchmarks. Our leading-edge high-quality products provide superior value to our customers and our technical leadership translates into your competitive advantage.

  • Traffic collection option turns your speed sign into an advanced traffic monitoring device.
  • Trigger output simplifies the design of vehicle-activated traffic signs and intrusion detection systems.
  • Direct drive capability of SS400 radar allows it to drive a 7-segment display without an additional display controller while providing ambient light sensing and brightness control.
  • The second serial port allows remote access while still providing data to a local display.


We are flexible and easy to work with. You are guaranteed to get great support whether you need technical help designing our products into a new application or have questions about configuring your current installation. Advice, insight and hands-on technical support are only a phone call or email away.

Quality and Supply Chain

All our products are manufactured in Houston in an ISO9001 certified facility under a tight quality control. We stock crucial components and provide short, predictable lead times.

  • We can ship pilot quantities of any of our products within a few days from receiving a purchase order.
  • All our radars are tested at the microwave level before leaving the factory floor. The test procedure is completely automated and eliminates human errors. Each radar is shipped with a detailed test report.