Mid-Block Kit

Houston Radar’s Mid-Block Kit provides advance, accurate, and granular bi-directional traffic data for each lane, at a distance of over 1,000 feet from the intersection. The SpeedLane® Pro sensor communicates wirelessly with the Bluetooth receiver mounted at the intersection, even when direct line of sight is obstructed by trees or road curvature, requiring no extensive trenching for communication cables. With our low power usage and short setback, installation of our sensor is a breeze.  Install on existing infrastructure such as a street pole or on a stand-alone pole in combination with a low-profile solar panel. Live traffic data sent wirelessly to the loop replacement card (LRC) is converted to loop activations and sent to the intersection controller, allowing signal control based on advance traffic detections.

Houston Radar’s Mid-Block Kit enhances the safety of your streets by providing the advanced and detailed data you need to control the traffic flow of your towns and cities, while ensuring a fast and low-cost installation that leverages existing technologies and infrastructure.

Features and Benefits

  • Advanced approaching traffic information
  • 1,000 ft + range, does not require a clear line of sight
  • Can be installed on existing infrastructure i.e. street pole
  • Lane specific granular bi-directional real time data
  • Data includes: vehicle class, count, speed & vehicle lane
  • Small solar panel or street light charging
  • Out of box, easy, fast & inexpensive installation
  • Extremely short setback, monitoring multiple lanes
  • Built in battery and charger, allows small footprint setup

SpeedLane® Pro

No External Cabinet Required

SpeedLane Pro
Directional Bluetooth Receiver
Directional Bluetooth Receiver
Loop Replacement Card
Loop Replacement Card
30-60W Solar Antenna
30-60W Solar antenna